Industrial Design

Development of new economy models has further increased the importance of an issue, which had not been attached adequate importance in our country before as a result of the emergence of new concept of competition and therefore consumption of products much more rapidly: Industrial Design. Modification of the visual appearance only of most of the products from the heaviest machinery to the smallest devices that we use in our daily life keeping internal structure unchanged, offer low cost solution to the concept of renovation.

But, how would this offer low cost solution?

Whatever the product group you are manufacturing, improvements requiring engineering solutions (which could be the replacement of the software of a TV set to have new features or equipping a car with an electric operated engine) will both need a lot more time and require such technical services, which are classified as high-cost solutions in the world of R&D as already known by everybody.

The innovations made by industrial design and reflected on the model shall suspend the investments on internal structure until the next revolutionary transition. You, with the engineering investment that you have so far accomplished, will have the opportunity to maintain your innovative status in the market with the investment to be made on new industrial design models and manufacturing of external parts only.Replacement of model will require shorter time and shall eventually burden less investment load. Do not think that what happens in the cell telephone market is different of what we mention here. This has become a significant weapon in overcoming the complex and demanding competitive barriers.

At the same time, almost all professional brands and firms are continuously developing new models thus bombarding the market because of these market conditions. Now deciding by consumers to buy a product is directly correlated to what extend the physical appearance of product would address to him. Or, at any rate, consumer was convinced to that.

We use various business models in our efforts to develop industrial designs. We underline the fact that this work must be properly managed because it is directly related with the market. Our business models might have slight differences when compared with customer profiles.

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