Mock-Up Manufacturing

Whatever the sector you are operating in, when you develop a new product idea and particularly if this idea involves an industrial design work, you can make design verifications on the mock-up's which are very similar to the real product. It is obvious that regardless how well it is presented on paper, it will be very imaginary when compared with mock-up.

After all, verification of how the new products will look like after they leave the production line shall relieve you from unwanted surprises. You can offer the new product to your customers as mock-up and take their comments before you actually produce it. We are always aware that mock-up is the most important tool for the verification of the industrial design. Of course production of a perfect mock-up requires extensive experience.

We wish to demonstrate you that we have very serious background in this area. Quality of the tools that we use, our competence at mock-up design and our captiousness in selecting the material and the paints all serve to a unique purpose:

Offering the reality...

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