CNC Prototyping

You could best examine the efficiency of the mechanical design and the interrelation of the components, making up the product body by producing a prototype. The best technical verification method for all static or dynamic solutions is the one, which is carried out on the prototypes of relevant components. Production of a prototype requires good knowledge of engineering and understanding engineers well.

How do we work?

GT05-P01 Understanding project: We comparatively analyze the product that you wish to produce or its components. We review with great care your target engineering solutions and their relation with industrial design (if it involves all components). We try to acquire information about deadlines. We mainly focus on defining the boundaries of prototype production.

GT05-P02 The Road Map: By relieving the information that we have acquired in order to understand you better, we make a business plan containing such information like the materials to be used during manufacturing, the details and the shortest possible time of completion. After we receive your approval on the plan, we start manufacturing.

GT05-P03 Manufacturing: We then start manufacturing according to the plan that we made at the second step. We keep you informed during the process of manufacturing with interim meetings. We attach utmost importance to customer satisfaction. We make every effort to keep you satisfied at every step of the work. This requires great effort and could only be accomplished by us.

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